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Raleigh’s historic park system is among the best in the nation- offering an abundance of green space while prioritizing the needs of a growing urban community. 


The Raleigh city park system has grown to include…

  • 100+ miles of greenway trail
  • More than 200 local parks- featuring community, fitness and art centers, as well as nature preserves, lakes and trail access




Raleigh parks are more than just a place to go.


A comprehensive parks and greenway system provides programs and activities that help ensure children growing up in Raleigh lead safe and healthy lives through:

  • Recreational programs
  • Exercise opportunities
  • Organized sports leagues- for all ages
  • Accessible gathering spaces


Raleigh’s city parks offer something for all citizens, no matter where they live. The 2022 Parks Bond allows the city of Raleigh to invest in its citizens, and their communities. 


To learn more about how your local park or community center will be directly impacted by the 2022 Parks Bond check out our interactive map! 

Greenway Expansion - Park Preservation and Repair - New Construction​

Frequently Asked Questions


As a desirable place to live, work, play and start a business, Raleigh’s city parks hold a key role in making the city a premier destination for generations – both for longtime and new residents.  Our historic parks system has been, and remains, a major contributor to the quality of life – with sports leagues for youth and adults, green space for residents to walk, jog and bike, aquatic centers open to the public and historic playgrounds and parks for families to enjoy year-round. 


It’s more than just a place to go. A comprehensive parks system provides programs and activities to ensure that children growing up in Raleigh and their families can lead safe and healthy lives. 



How much will City of Raleigh residents have to pay for this bond?

The 2022 Park bonds will cost the median city homeowner approximately $103 annually.  This will include significant improvements to more than 20 facilities and projects, including a new aquatic center.  It will also support important recreational leagues across the city and maintain community spaces for city-wide use and enjoyment.   


Bonds are considered the most efficient way to pay for improvements to city needs like parks improvements – in NC and across the nation.  Raleigh’s growth and significantly increased use of city facilities shows that consistent investment in parks is needed to keep the parks and facilities viable – and will benefit citizens in a range of local city communities for years.  


How is the bond “equitable”?

The proposed bond addresses needs in an equitable manner and ensures that our city’s diverse communities and areas have access to new parks and improvements to existing parks.  Watch the video below to hear from Mitchell Silver, AICP, former Raleigh Planning Director and NYC Parks Commissioner, about how this parks bond will help all areas of our city. 


How will the $275 million parks bonds support our city’s park system?

The 2022 bond referendum in November will support a wide range of parks throughout the city – expanding and improving current facilities and building new facilities that will serve all residents. Previous parks bonds helped support pools, sports facilities, expanded green space, new buildings and invest in landmark destinations like Pullen Park and Dorothea Dix,  that are home to concerts, holiday festivities and the city’s increasingly popular summer sunflower display.  



The previous park bonds established a strong foundation to boost our park system – that helped serve Raleigh’s residents during the difficult past years when the pandemic and economic uncertainty kept many needing local recreation and access to outdoor space.  This parks bond will continue to boost our city’s prominent park system – providing important resources to residents, and to future generations.  


Why is this needed after there were other recent parks bonds?

The last parks bond for the city in 2015 had a 7-year scope.  During that time, parks were expanded city-wide with improved facilities and additional green spaces, now at more than 100 miles of greenway.  Also during that time, Raleigh has experienced significant growth along with accolades as one of the best places in the country to live and raise a family.  


Access to parks and rec facilities and events is considered an important draw as citizens seek places to gather, spend time outside and programming for their families.  


Will the parks bond take away from other important community priorities, including affordable housing?

Raleigh does not have to choose between having housing for our citizens or great parks – supporting out parks by voting YES for the bond will not interfere with the city’s important initiatives including expanding affordable housing options for all citizens. We are fortunate to live in a city that has prioritized attainable housing, including with the 2020 affordable housing bond that passed two years ago and is being utilized to draw in even more government and private funding for affordable housing development and retention. 


Supporting both affordable housing as well as an equitable and thriving parks system for all of Raleigh’s communities will continue to enhance our growing city’s strong quality of life. For more information on the recent affordable housing bonds, please visit raleighnc.gov/housing/affordable-housing-bond-status-reports 


Let’s continue to support this important community investment for ALL- by voting YES on November 8th for Raleigh’s parks. 


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